Exchanger operates 24/7

1. How does the process work?

First you need to choose your exchange pairs and the amount you want to exchange.
Under the currencie you want to receive, you will see the exchange rate and the amount you will receive when our fees are added.

Now click on ‘Exchange’

Now you need to fill in you wallet address in the ‘Into account’ box and your email address into the ‘E-mail’ box

Now click on ‘Exchange’

Check again, if your information is correct
Read the terms and conditions and if you have, check the blue box

Proceed by clicking ‘create order’

Now you can see which amount you have to pay and how many
blockchain confirmations are needed
The page refreshes every 15 seconds so you can see,
if the rate changed shortly before your payment.
It can still vary during the process of the blockchain confirmations.
At this step you also have the chance to cancel the order.

Now click on ‘Make a payment’

Now you see the amount you need to send and our wallet address,
you need to send your payment to.
You can copy our address or scan the QR-code.
Double check if our wallet address is correct before you send out the payment.
On the top you can also see your ‘Order ID’.

If you made the payment, proceed by clicking on the purple ‘Back to order page’ link.

Now all you need to do is wait for the blockchain confirmations.
You will receive an email, as soon as the transfer succeeded
The time it takes until you receive your payment depends on your exchange pairs.
For more information, look into Question 3 and 4.

2. Which currencies are available and what are the exchange rates?
3. How do SEPA payments work?
SEPA for cryptos : You send the SEPA payment to our IBAN. After we confirm the payment and your identity, we will send out the cryptocurrencies. This process can take up to 48 hours.

Cryptos for SEPA : You send us your cryptocurrencie and as soon as we confirm the payment, we will send you the bank transfer. This process takes a few hours or a few minutes if your bank supports instant payments.

4. How long do the transactions take?
For crypto to crypto: The transaction can take a few minutes to maximum 2 hours. The time it takes, depends on the blockchain confirmations and the amount of fees you chose for the payment. For SEPA payments read the point above.
5. How high are the Fees?
The fees for crypto to crypto exchanges are between 0.5% and 3%, depending on the exchange pairs rarity.
For fiat to crypto and vice versa the fees are between 2% and 6%, depending on the amount and the currencies.
You will see the exact fees, while you do the exchange.
6. What if the exchange rate changes during the process?
As soon as your payment is confirmed and shortly before you receive your payment, the rate gets recalculated.
This is an automated process.
7. Do I need to sign up?
No, you don’t have to sign up for the transfer, you only need to provide your email address.
8. Where do I see the minimum amount to transfer?
You see the minimum amount, when you choose your exchange pairs, over the field where you choose your amount.
9. What if I want to exchange more than is reserved?
You can send us an request with the amount you want to exchange and from which to which currencies and we will provide the amount as soon as possible.
On the main page at the bottom of the ‘you receive’ box, there is a link next to the amount we have reserved, that says ‘not enough?’ . If you click on it, a pop up window will appear and you can send your request. Or you can text our Telegram support.
10. Can I cancel a transfer?
No, once you made your payment, the transaction is an automated process and can’t be canceled anymore.
11. What if I didn't receive the payment?
You have to contact the support if any error happens. Send us your problem and your order number and we will look into it.
Also if you entered your wallet address wrong, there is nothing we can do about it, once the payment is send out.
12. How do I contact the support?
You can write us an Email to: [email protected], contact our Telegram support: @catchange or contact us on Threema: AEF46632. Also you can fill out the contact form on our website under the ‘contact’ section. We will be there for you as soon as possible.
13. I forgot my password, how do I get back into my account?
Click on the ‘sign in’ button. At the bottom of the box is the ‘forgot password’ link. Click on it and you will see a new page, where you can fill in your email address. You will get an email with a link to reset your password. If you put you telegram into your account, the link to reset your password will also be sent to your Telegram.
14. How do I sign up for the Telegram Bot?
Visit the link , and press ‘send message’ and send ‘/start’ into the chat . When the link doesn’t automatically open telegram, look into your devices privacy settings. Also keep an eye on the right writing of the accounts name. The bot automatically gives you information about your order, when you have your telegram name in your account.
15. Where is the cash change available?
It is mainly available in Cologne Germany but you can send us a request for the city and the country you want to exchange in and we will see if we can make it possible. More information you can find here
16. Why should I trust Catchange?
Our Team at Catchange is formed from people who worked with cryptocurrencies for years and have experience in exchanging. We had a vision of an exchanger that is easy to use for the customer and offers good exchange rates. This exchanger is the vision we have long dreamed of. We know how it is to be the customer and that is why we put the customers security and the transfer security first. We are here to make business and want to build a loyal customer – exchanger relationship.