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We introduce our new website balance: Balance USD

One Balance USD is equal to one USD.
You can Balance USD with many currencies on our website.
We created a website balance to make it possible for the customer to swap a certain currency into another, even if the exchange direction is not available. For example it is possible to buy UAH and RUB with Balance USD. The Exchange will be almost Instant. The Customer does not pay a withdrawal or deposit fee for the Balance USD.
Only possible network- and payment systеm-fees must be paid.

Internal account

Customers are now able to store balances in many currencies in their internal account.
You find the ‘Internal account’ in the ‘Personal account’ menu. You will see a list with all Balance currencies and the amount you have stored. This feature makes it possible to store coins on our website. Cryptocurrency will be stored on non custodial wallets and fiat currency will be stored on county currency accounts for the customers safety.

How to store currency

On the main website you need to choose which currency you want to send and which Balance currency you want to store. Click on ‘Exchange’. With normal transactions, on the second page would be a field to put in your Crypto address. This field will not be shown at this transaction, because the Balance currency will automatically be stored in your internal account. Proceed with the transaction to store the currency. After that you can use the Balance currency to but other currencies on our website.